Data Collection

DaCo is a web-based, easy to use application that enables a person or a company to store visitor’s information. With this application, company’s can automate the way guests or visitors sign up their information.

Data Collection

People Benefit

People Benefit is a web-based application that can help both the seller and the buyer for their needs without wasting too much time or effort. Submit your inquiry and we will connect you to service suppliers, from fashion to electronics, to cars, to property concerns. Our huge client-base will guarantee that your order will reach the right person.

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Cash X

CashX is a Web-based Application that helps to manage all company expenses like Daily/Monthly/Yearly office expenses, Sales team and company Income/Outcome.

Easy and friendly to use, saves your time, allows you to keep all records and extract them into PDF & Excel file at any time.

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Task X

TaskX is a Web-based Application, which designed to manage daily tasks between employers and employees.

Saves your time and easy access for the employers & employees.
Quick update on current task like done by who and what’s the percentage for the under-progress task.

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BILDAZO is a Mobile Application designed to help commerce companies to promote their business and establish a dynamic catalogue with discounts/offers for their customers.
The company can easily post their latest offers, add pricing, images and details about the products they offer.
The users can login with 6 digits code and will be able to follow the companies and see available offers.
The built-in notifications system offers: reminder for a new offer.
Each offer entry is displayed in a time-line format allowing users to easily browse and select the most appealing offer.

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